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10 pc Fondant Tool Set Gum Paste Flowers Wilton Decoration

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Creating beautiful, detailed fondant and gum paste flowers and decorations is easier when you have the right tools.

The Wilton 10-Pc. Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set provides the tools you need for precise shaping, detailed modeling and elegant flower making in fondant and gum paste!

  • Use the Wilton 10-Pc. Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set for precise shaping, detailed modeling and elegant flower making in fondant and gum paste.
  • Seven dual-headed tools help you form fondant, add details to gum paste and make beautiful flowers and shapes.
  • Pallet knife cuts, lifts and moves small, fine decorations while the fine tweezers helps you position small decorations and stamens.
  • Storage case keeps tools organized, also has space for the 2-piece modeling stick set and the 3-piece starter tool set (sold separately).
  • Before first and after each use, wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Made in China.

Seven dual-head tools help you create fondant decorations and gum paste flowers while the pallet knife and fine tweezers make it easy to lift and handle small decorations. Also included is a storage case to help you keep track of your tools. This expanded tool set makes it easy to achieve great results as you learn fondant and gum paste techniques. Tools include: • Veining Tool Large/Small: Details wide and thin lines on flowers and leaves. • Eight Division Umbrella/Cone Tool: Shapes flower centers. • Dog Bone Tool Large/Small: Imprints detail and dimension to flowers by softening petal edges. • Umbrella Five/Six Division Tool: Marks petal divisions in flower buds, veining detail in flowers. • Shell/Comb Tool: Shell imprints detail on borders and trim, comb adds textured detail for hair, fur and surface areas. • Ribbon Inserter Tool Large/Small: Inserts ribbon pieces into a fondant surface for a woven effect. • Ball Tool Extra Large/Extra Small: Thins and ruffles edges of petals, lengthens petals and shapes petal centers. • Pallet Knife: Cuts, lifts and moves small, fine decorations. • Fine Tweezers: Fine beveled head is ideal for positioning decorations and stamens. • Storage case holds these nine tools and even has space to store the 2-Pc. Modeling Stick Set and the 3-Pc. Starter Tool Set (sold separately), locking lid also stacks beneath case to keep workspace organized.