Snowflake Candy Cocoa Bomb Mold Christmas 3 Cavities 1 3D Design


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1 Wilton Cocoa Bomb Candy Mold
3D Snowflake
Item 2115-00242

Molding colorful 3-D candies is a breeze with this mold and easy-melting Wilton Candy Melts® candy!
You will need to mold two candy halves to make each 3D candy.
2 piece mold set contains 1 design, 3 cavities.
This candy mold is a two piece mold and will make a 3-D Snowflakes. this is great for a filled candy or even to make cocoa bombs.
You can make 3 at one time.
Works best with wide rimmed cups.

  • Molds are not designed to be used for hard candy or soap. Always melt with adult supervision. Cavities vary in size.