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Return Information Terms and Conditions

Return Policy:
Please inspect your package upon delivery and make all damage/missing claims within 7 days of delivery.  If the item was damaged in transit, we may ask you to contact the post office for proof of damage claim or if you purchased priority or express mail, to collect your insurance which we will provide any difference or we may just ask for photos and try to do it for you.  All discretionary return items are subject to 20% restock fee and no return of original shipping whether included as free shipping or sale or billed separately. Buyer is responsible for return shipping unless our error.  Returns must be authorized, remember to put your order number or name on the order in the package for proper credit.  Items that are authorized for normal return must be authorized by email only and mailed within 14 days of delivery.  Delays in delivery will be subject to normal fees and shipping costs upon return.  Event or dated materials or holiday specific items should be returned prior to 7 days before the event, including Halloween, New Years, all dated items including Superbowl. Certain items are not returnable, any altered items or special/custom ordered items, items that specifically state in the description "not returnable or no returns, no refunds, etc..., including postcards, posters, used items, case beads, wholesale items, free shipping items, food, or " not returnable" in the description or any items that were not purchased from us and do or do not contain other company tags.  Any items that are accepted for return are to be authorized and are accepted under the condition that the item is returned in new and re-saleable condition, the item should be free of any dirt or makeup stains, items should be unbroken, and unworn and unused. Masks or other breakable items should not be returned in envelopes. If a breakable item is returned broken due to envelope shipping or poor packaging, will not be refunded. Clothing defects will be one that would make the garment not wearable or unsightly or requires machine stitching to fix, a loose thread or a dropped stitch is not considered a defect we will cover. All return requests must be in email form, this is to ensure that you have the proper return policy for your item.  Items sold as a set are a special purchase, these items are only returnable as a set. If an item in the set does not fit we can usually make an exchange for you.  Items returned that do not have all items may or may not be refunded at our discretion. Any courtesy discounts, cart discounts, sale prices or coupons, will be considered in the refund amount and will be reversed and no longer applicable to the sale.  Additionally, we do not color match. I do not know what color/shade/tone you are expecting an item to be.  Manufacturers name the colors and that will be what we consider it as well.  If an item states a color, it is going to be a variation of that color. If you need a special match for something, you may send a sample and we will attempt to assist.

Any items that contain an incentive for purchase must be returned with the bonus, free item or other incentive.  If an item you return received a "free shipping" discount, courtesy discount, or any other offer or discount or refund, the shipping will have to be paid. If an item you return from an order results in an amount that would make that order no longer eligible for a "free shipping" discount, the amount of the correct shipping will also be deducted from the refund which can result in no refund, check if this may apply to you!  Purchaser pays for return shipping charges except in the case of our error.  Delivery late is not our error.  You must pay for express if you need a guarantee date.  Items that were not authorized will not be refunded nor returned except at purchasers expense. Returns that claim to be our error and then prove otherwise will be charged accordingly up to and including 20% restock fee, any shipping spent on free shipping or courtesy labels. Warning that return labels are more expensive by double a regular label you will get yourself at the post office. 

Upon receipt of properly, truthfully and safely returned item, refund will be processed within 7 days.  We cannot and will not be held responsible for mistakes in shipping information or addresses entered by users/customers. Any delays in shipping, additional cost(s), loss of merchandise, theft and/or any and all damages caused by inaccurate shipping information and/or addresses entered by users/customers is the sole responsibility of the user/customer. Seller accepts no liability for third party delivery carriers and their business operations. Best efforts are made to ship orders in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Order shipments are subject to the carrier's abilities, inclement weather and other acts of God, seasonal peaks, service disruptions, vehicle breakdowns, airport closures, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, mechanical breakdowns, carrier personnel issues can all cause the package to be delayed. We are not responsible for package theft after delivery.  It is your responsibility to provide a safe location to deliver the item.  In case of theft, you must contact the police and your own local post office.  Items will not be replaced or refunded.  We are not responsible for package delays, because of this we advise ordered needed for particular dates be ordered with enough time for carrier to deliver. We make every effort to have a happy customer and most problems can be worked out. If you are not satisfied with your order, please let us know immediately via email so that we can assist you. Thanks for your business!


WARNING: May contain lead, Not for children under 3, May present choking hazard, Do not eat, Open and separate carefully to avoid breaking.
Typical characteristics of Mardi Gras Beads: The beads/strands/necklaces are a fun novelty item and not fine or costume jewelry. To some extent, the beads may have any of the following characteristics: Color shown is an example and may be different in color tones or tints and may not appear the same as on your computer screen due to individual computer resolutions. paint may be uneven showing the color beneath, bead spacing may differ, paint may chip, Seams could be a noticeable color such as brown or black and may be connected by way of being glued (most common), twisted, burned/welded/melted or contain a sharp wire. String may be painted or not. Sizes are approximate.  Bead colors may be different batches from order to order. If you need a particular color you have had in the past, this is considered color matching and is up to you to ask about it and make sure the color you want is what is currently available. Return of Mardi Gras beads shipping is charged upon return along with restock fee.  This is very generous because our fellow bead retailers do not accept any returns at all!


I cannot locate my item after delivery scan:

If the item says scanned today, please allow an additional day for delivery. Many times a postman will mark some items delivered before actually dropping off, those are usually delivered the following day.  Otherwise, Please check with anyone who may have brought into the house, such as children, spouse, friends, parents, household help, pest control, realtors. The postman may also have left it hidden in shrubs, open carports or garages, porch furniture, side doors or some items will fit into your mailbox. If you have a parcel locker, please locate the key and check it. If you are unable to locate the package after checking with others in your household, please let me know.  I will contact the post office to open a postal theft and fraud investigation into the matter and they will check the GPS scan of the item in case it was delivered to the wrong house.  Please be sure you have provided the correct non-forwarded address that contains any apartment or suite number.  We are not responsible for theft and the delivery scan of the delivery company is the proof of delivery we will honor.


Please DO NOT leave a review where you are asking a question or need assistance.  This is NOT monitored it may be a very long time before it is noticed.  If you actually need assistance, please use chat, email or the contact page to get in touch if you expect a response! Thanks.