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Frequently Asked Questions


Pick up by Appointment:

9620 Hwy 23, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 504-430-9100

Coupon not working:

See coupon section for coupon qualifications, terms, conditions and limits.  Most coupons do not stack, do not apply to cart applied sales such as free shipping or apply to clearance items.  Some may have a purchase total minimum of 25.00 or more.

Item will not allow check out:

It is out of stock or lower stock than quantity requested.


Credit Card payment does not go through:

  • The most common reason for this is that the billing address or zip code is different from your shipping address. Check your statement for your billing address (For example: bills could be sent to a PO box, old address, office, different shipping than billing address, typo, wrong zip code.)
  • Re-check the CVV numbers on the back of your card for typo.
  • Re-check the expiration date of your card.
  • Check with your bank for funds availability or other card issues.

PayPal Payment Error:

If you get the "PayPal direct payment is not working." error, please use your debit card to pay from your account from the other PayPal or credit card buttons. Logging in to PayPal or using a different browser will not help this error.

Something went wrong when trying to process your payment. Please review the error message and try again:
It appears that your browser is not supported by PayPal.Log in to PayPal to complete your order.

How do I get a Shipping cost estimate?

Put the item in your cart, under shipping, add info, fill out your state and ZIP code and directly below that is the "estimate shipping" click there and you can see your options and costs, choose update shipping cost to save for checkout. If you are ordering beads, you may not see any option except free shipping for your convenience. Beads over 2 dozen are shipping via priority mail or UPS which is normally 2-5 business days.

My "free shipping" item is only giving me a cost for standard/first class mail - I need priority!

You can purchase a priority mail upgrade for your order in the free shipping category. Beads over 2 dozen automatically receive priority mail without additional cost.

My "Free Shipping" item is showing a shipping charge in my cart!

  • Free shipping applies to US address only.
  • Free shipping applies to items listed as free shipping on the ad only. 
  • Free shipping applies only to items within the Free Shipping Category.
  • Free shipping applies only to items mailed once and shipping value is non refundable upon return.

Where is search?

Search is in the very top of the page in purple.  You can use " " to get a more specific item or you can use the categories also.

I want to use 2 coupons!

Unfortunately, the store software here only allows one coupon code at a time, so please use the one that will save you the most!

How much does a mask weigh?

A typical mask weighs 1-3 ounces. The weight on the listing is for a mask or other item in a box, it is the shipping weight. The mask as worn should be much less than the shipping weight.

Are the masks wearable?

All masks are wearable unless otherwise noted. Masks used as magnets or attached to a bead would not be wearable. Masks primarily used as a wall hanging are usually too large or small to be worn but some can be unless otherwise noted. Magnet or ornament masks are not wearable.

Can I pick up?

Pick up is available at our warehouse in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Most local areas will have the choice of local pickup for 0.00.  If not, please email or call before placing an order, for a coupon code to take the shipping out before you order.  Pick up is available Monday through Friday during our regular hours of 9 am to 2 pm by appointment and Saturday 9 am to 11 am (just let us know you are coming!). Other hours by appointment. Allow some advance notice for preparation of your order, we will contact you when order is prepared and ready for pickup along with instructions on how to get here if needed.  Pickup location is 9620 Hwy 23, Belle Chasse LA 70037.

Do you provide alterations?

We do not do alterations but can advise on how to make your own alterations.

I need my item to match another item exactly!

We do not color match by computer. There is no way for either of us to know what the item looks like in person as to on a screen. There are too many variables.  If you need a precisely close match, you can send a sample of what you want and we will offer a suggestion.  Color match is not our responsibility or error.  Even if you previously ordered an item and expected it to look the same, nearly all mass manufactured goods are made in batches in which color dye lots may vary.

Color name does not look exactly how I envisioned or expected!

Color names are provided by the manufacturer which is how the item is advertised here.  For any color, there are nearly endless tints, tones, shades, and other variables.  If this is of most importance to you, you may consider in person purchases or you may send a swatch or example for a suggestion.  Color match is not our responsibility or error. Even if you previously ordered the same item, nearly all mass manufactured goods are made in batches in which color dye lots may vary.

I cannot locate my item after delivery scan:

If the item says scanned today, please allow an additional day for delivery. Many times a postman will mark some items delivered before actually dropping off, those are usually delivered the following day.  Otherwise, Please check with anyone who may have brought into the house, such as children, spouse, friends, parents, household help, pest control, realtors. The postman may also have left it hidden in shrubs, open carports or garages, porch furniture, side doors or some items will fit into your mailbox. If you have a parcel locker, please locate the key and check it. If you are unable to locate the package after checking with others in your household, please let me know.  I will contact the post office to open a postal theft and fraud investigation into the matter and they will check the GPS scan of the item in case it was delivered to the wrong house.  We do not refund for items marked scanned so be sure you have provided the correct non forwarded address that contains any apartment or suite number.  We are not responsible for theft and the delivery scan of the delivery company is the proof of delivery we will honor.


Please DO NOT leave a review where you are asking a question or need assistance.  This is NOT monitored, it may be a very long time before it is noticed.  If you actually need assistance, please use chat, email or the contact page to get in touch if you expect a response! Thanks.