Shipping Terms and Conditions




Items shipped Same Day or within 24 hours of payment received.  
We ship daily, Monday through Saturday, items paid weekdays by 11am central are mailed same day.
Saturdays by 9am. Volume and availability permitting. 

Delivery / transit estimates:
Most items are shipped via United States Postal Service. 
Most items are offered with a choice of delivery speed. **

For most free shipping items under 16 oz, the delivery will be by first class mail which is currently 3-6 business days within the U.S.**  Priority mail is available for faster, insured, delivery option.**

If you do not see a choice of shipping options or shipping included, your item is being mailed via Priority mail or UPS for orders over a pound, usually 3-5 days and first class 3-6 days for orders under a pound.

Economy 4 -6 day is there mainly for orders which are large and combined weights are making the delivery price too high for First class/Ground advantage to show up as a choice.  Economy will usually be mailed USPS Ground.

*Free shipping category defaults to standard which can be first class, priority or UPS mail. If you need express, you need to contact us.
For most items over 15 oz, you will have the priority mail delivery option which should take between 2-5 business days in most cases within the U.S.
If you need Express mail which is 1 to 3 day delivery (depending upon your location and service standard for USPS delivery service). Feel free to check with us to see if your item will be there when you need it. We do not guarantee express mail dates, currently neither does the post office.  
Priority mail includes insurance up to $50.00 free of charge. Express mail includes insurance up to $100.00 free of charge. **BEADS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR EXPRESS MAIL - IF SOMETHING IS IN YOUR ORDER THAT IS, ONLY THAT ITEM WILL BE MAILED EXPRESS, BEADS OVER 2 DOZEN ARE MAILED PRIORITY**

**Shipping speeds are not guaranteed either by verbal or written communication and are only an estimate or guide in all cases, actual delivery depends upon service chosen, date and time of purchase, carrier volume, seasonal peaks, weather conditions, zip codes, service agreements, and many other factors that can influence actual delivery dates.




Shipping is by weight and we use USPS Priority mail which has a 6-10 business day estimate for delivery to Fedex for Canada destinations. We do not cover customs charges; items may be held in customs for an undetermined time which could delay your delivery.

Other Countries:

You may use the shipping rates provided at checkout.


I cannot locate my item after delivery scan:

If the item says scanned today, please allow an additional day for delivery. Many times a postman will mark some items delivered before actually dropping off, those are usually delivered the following day.  Otherwise, Please check with anyone who may have brought into the house, such as children, spouse, friends, parents, household help, pest control, realtors. The postman may also have left it hidden in shrubs, open carports or garages, porch furniture, side doors or some items will fit into your mailbox. If you have a parcel locker, please locate the key and check it. If you are unable to locate the package after checking with others in your household, please let me know.  I will contact the post office to open a postal theft and fraud investigation into the matter and they will check the GPS scan of the item in case it was delivered to the wrong house.  Please be sure you have provided the correct non-forwarded address that contains any apartment or suite number.  We are not responsible for theft and the delivery scan of the delivery company is the proof of delivery we will honor.



Please DO NOT leave a review where you are asking a question or need assistance.  This is NOT monitored it may be a very long time before it is noticed.  If you actually need assistance, please use chat, email or the contact page to get in touch if you expect a response! Thanks.